While Microsoft and Sony both iterate on proven designs for traditional video game systems, Nintendo (which has been loosing ground in recent years) decided to innovate. Some say it’s a gamble, but Nintendo needed to do something – or it was going to be left behind by hard core gamers.

What am I talking about? The Wii, and what’s so innovative about the Wii? A number of things.

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Starbucks may own coffee, but tea is still up for grabs. While in Europe tea time is a common occurrence, here in America tea is way behind to coffee. Why is that? Well it could be that Americans are all about “hurry up” and Europeans, while not lazy, know when to take a break. Hopefully a “tea craze” will catch on here and slow us down a bit.

Helping this hopeful “tea craze” is the tea experience. Imagine a Starbucks experience on… caffeine. By having more smells, choices, history and accessories then coffee this experience will keep you in a tea induced zen state longer then your average jolt of caffeine.

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Do you work in a creative workspace? If you work at Pixar or Google you do. Doesn’t everyone work better in a relaxing, comfortable, creative environment? If so, then why are so many office spaces the standard “cube it” and “blue it”.

If you had a chance to create a unique workspace what would be most important? Interaction with fellow employees? Design and color? Uniqueness?

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