This weekend (6/24-6/25) Stephen and I will be teaching a class at Richland College titled “Web Site Make Over”. We’re using the “trick out” your car, home, (insert other reality show here) model and applying it your website. We’ll be covering a lot of material, but also allowing time for hands-on experience.

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Hiring on the Fringe

Where do you go to look for new hires? maybe? What if you’re looking for that perfect culture fit, an individual that both has the skills and that je ne sais quoi you’re looking for? can easily tell you (if they are telling the truth) the skill set of a person, years they’ve been working in a field, etc… – but how can you tell if they are a culture fit for you and your company? Of course at some point you’ll need to meet with the person and have a lunch or two, but here are some shortcuts that help you tell beforehand. Sometimes you can get a feel for the person not by what they post, but where they post their resume, or by what job boards they are searching.

Sometimes you need to look beyond the mainstream and into the fringe…

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