Speaking @ Refresh

Speaking @ Refresh

I’ll be speaking to the Refresh Dallas group about the Mobile Web this Thursday (10/11) at IMC2. Over the past year I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with a couple different mobile projects, and in the process have learned a great deal about the mobile space. I’ve had to evangelize XHTML-MP, figure out how to test on mobile devices, and give overviews of mobile technology to an assortment of internal teams. So I figured it was time to share the wealth. My goal with this presentation is to help other designers and developers move to the small screen, and create a great mobile experience.

Here is the “official” description:

Jeremy Johnson presents: The Mobile Web

Ready to move to the small screen? How does designing and developing for mobile differ from a traditional desktop experience? How do you architect an experience that is contextually sensitive to both time and location? We’ll discuss these questions and more while demonstrating how you can create a great mobile experience.

Jeremy will also give a behind-the-scenes look at a recently developed WAP 2.0 site, and a preview of a new iPhone application.

Buzz words included: XHTML-MP, WAP 2.0, iPhone, Ajax, SMS, Widgets, Mobile Research, and more! ;-)

Also, I’ve heard the IMC2 offices are pretty cool, so I’m looking forward to checking them out – here is the address:

12404 Park Central, Suite 400, Dallas, Texas 75251 Google Map Link
It will be in the Sun Room, on the 4th floor, on the North side.

I hope you can attend, I’ll be ready to answer your questions and hopefully spark some discussion about mobile devices.


5 thoughts on “Speaking @ Refresh

  1. Jeremy,

    Great presentation. Thanks for sharing. I learned a ton of stuff and was impressed with your insights re: mobile design. Please post an entry when you upload your presentation so I can link back to it.

  2. It was nice to meet you and listen to your presentation. It’s time to experiment with mobile stylesheets on my website.

  3. hi jeremy,

    enjoyed the presentation…please upload the slides, i like to share with some people if it’s ok with you?



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