The first thing I’ve really been excited about in facebook for some time – the timeline. I’ve always been interested in showing my data in more interesting ways, and as the owner of much of my data, facebook is ripe to take advantage of it. While others have been trying to visualize parts your life, you really won’t need to look much further any longer. Let’s take a look at what my data looks like in the new timeline.

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The word this week from the Wall Street Journal (of all places) that is redesigning – for the tablet age. And while there may be some truth to that, I think it’s funny how modern, clean design – automatically equals designing for a tablet. Design trends are always informed by the dominate devices in its time, and mobile is where our trends for today are starting. And since I’m now in the e-commerce space, I’m obviously interested, and took the new design for a test drive.

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The perfect laptop for the airport and airline? – with the MacBook Air 11″ you don’t need to take out your laptop when going through the TSA line, and it actually fits on the tray – with your drink! #WIN

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I do work on the road using a MacBook Air, not an iPad, because I’m one of those users for whom the iPad’s design compromises get in the way, and slow me down. But I like having the iPad as a separate device, for reading and video. The marvel of the iPad is not that it can replace a Mac. It’s that it opened the door to all sorts of things that a Mac was never all that good for.

Overall my experience with the 11″ and Lion has been great, and the extra screen space is rarely missed and it performs like a champ. If only it had the iPad’s battery life, it would be the perfect travel machine!