Designing a local political campaign, AKA Did I mention my wife Kathleen is running for Grapevine City Council?

Vote Kathleen Thompson for Grapevine City Council
My wife has a strong passion for the political process, and as long as I’ve know her, she has worked hard help make things better. She been involved with many local campaigns, helping behind the scenes, and when an opportunity came up recently, with an out of touch incumbent going on his 6th term – she jumped into the race with both feet.
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A Whole lot of Re-Branding Going on


Here at geniant we’ve been discussing a re-branding of our corporate identity. We’ve already gone through a series of branding exercises: colors, fonts, photos, and words to describe the “ideal geniant”.

Recently we’ve been moving into the visual aspects of branding and while putting together a presentation to present some of our visual ideas, I came across quite a few “modern re-brandings”. The number of large companies re-branding in the past year is surprising. So why now?
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