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Designer, leader, product strategist, User Experience expert, marketer, mobile designer, futurist, presenter, “social media expert”, need I say more?

I’ve been active in the interaction design space for more than 20 years: working as a designer within an Agency, a User Experience consultant with a mix of large and small clients, and as a Design leader in large organizations – helping everyone find the value of the customer along the way. (view more details on linkedin)

I’m passionate about technology, and how it will change our world. As a Product Designer, I feel like we’re on the front lines of how we’ll be interacting with the growing number of devices that are crucial to our lives. If we thought the last 10 years were amazing, wait until everything has a virtual interface that needs to be designed and tested – for ease-of-use, as well as for enjoyment.

Digital Product Strategist

I’ve lead teams that have produced visionary representations of where we’re going – and tactical products, working with the development teams to launch.

In a year’s time, I oversaw and helped create the first major updates GameStop (gamestop.com) had seen in years and in that time, updated the site with social elements (you wouldn’t believe how our gamers like to “like”), launched both a mobile website and mobile iPhone app (600k Downloads) and updated the visual design and experience for numerous pages. Also during this time, I helped create new marketing revenue streams while working with our partners in the gaming space.

Design Evangelist

I’ve spoken on the value of design, and moving your products forward to keep up with the mass of innovation that comes from smaller start-ups.

I’ve spoken at both regional and national conferences about emerging trends, interaction patterns, the value of design, and innovation. To a range of audiences: business, marketing, design, and user experience. You can watch the video from one of my talks about Mobile trends and design @ SMU here – and checkout my past presentations here.

Mobile Design

First designing Bi (before iPhone) – then moving quickly to what has become the de facto standard in our day-to-day lives – launching both web apps, and native apps.

I helped create one of the first web apps that Apple featured after the iPhone launch (for Travelocity in 2008!). This paved the way for a ongoing relationship with Apple that led to the mobile app, once the app store was officially announced. I also oversaw the mobile web and mobile app launch @ GameStop – with double the industry standard mobile traffic visiting these properties daily.

Application User Experience

Internal applications, intranets, B2B applications, and customer facing applications – I’ve had a passion for creating useable, enjoyable interfaces – and working closely with customers – and developers to have a balanced approach to product development.

During my time at Sabre Travel Network, I got to work in the interesting world of travel agents, and help take them from a “green screen” of command prompts to a hybrid rich client that works like they do, but brings them into the graphical world, while reducing their task time. This idea expanded to a full platform, that now has a series of add-on apps.

E-Commerce User Experience

Working for a top 500 traffic site in the U.S. – with a passionate customer base – you have to be on your toes. Working to improve visits, page load times, marketing, usability, promotions, and over all site Experience. Working retail with a strong brick-and-mortar presence adds another level of multichannel complexity to the mix.

For a year and a half, I lead the Design team that helped reshape the online presence at GameStop. From functional improvements – like improving the navigation to better show new areas of the site, to design improvements – like our rich media game hub pages.

Product Vision

In my time with both the Travel Industry and the Retail Gaming Industry I have been asked to envision what can be. What experience will help us compete, what experience will leapfrog what’s out there today. It could be casting out a 5+ year vision, where anything is possible, planting a flag to march towards – or a more tactical 2-3 year vision, something achievable in the near term.

During a HackDay Event @ Sabre, my team put together a way a traveler could find and explore cities using a mix of data sources – but focusing in on social location based data. Showing the most “checked-in” spots, combined with expert location data. This was a HTML5 app created specifically for the iPad.

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